Why we use that metod


The business world is constantly evolving and is characterized by the interaction of its members. Any intervention on a part of the organization affects their entirety.

This and the ability to adapt to the changes that all growth leads us to be highly qualified in the field of IC to address them. Companies such as JVC, ISS, Taylor Woodrow,

London Editorial,Claret, Clinic and Germetss, among  others we work, are convinced that humanism is the natural response to technology and demonstrate the

application of  CI gives the company an average increase of results between 30% and 40%.


  Methodology Openmind Creativity:

 Apply techniques that make up the balance and emotional intelligence.

We focus on the optimization of the professional skills of the teams.

We promote innate abilities: Emotional (stress reduction), Cognitive (self awareness) and Behavioral (know how to send clear messages).

• We offer solutions to problems focusing them through the lens of systems thinking and interdisciplinarity.

 Define strategies based on creativity.

 Encourage the shared vision organization.