About us


Open Mind Consultants was born with the clear objective of impacting a methodology capable of inspiring and transforming talent and the purpose of indiviudals and companies: Openmind Creativity.

Noting the need to link neuroscience (to remember the importance of our thoughts and emotions); the symbology (as a tool that facilitates the synchronization of the two cerebral hemispheres); creativity and New Technologies have synthesized knowledge of philosophy, emotional intelligence, management skills, archetypology, Zen meditation and mindfulness to create this unique methodology that characterizes us.

Our headquarters is located in Barcelona, ​​a city open to the creativity, innovation and dialogue. It represents a point meeting to investigate new ideas, services and projects and,at the same time, a starting point from which we move around the planet.

Another strategic city is Madrid from which we made significant projects related to leadership.

In addition, we are working in Mexico City and other Latin American countries in business projects and transformational coaching.



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