Who we are

Our team consists of top professionals with many years of experience in Business Consulting and a reputation earned through effort, dedication and deep knowledge of their specialty.

This is our team:


OpenMind founding partner and director of Communications and Strategy. Bachelor of Science in Communication, Diploma in Creative Intelligence for Creative Thinking / Mental Palo Alto Research Institu (EEUA) specializes in personal development and leadership. Coach innovative techniques of communication, negotiation and conflict resolution applied to the business world, organizations and teams. Professor of communication at the School of Protocol (ESPRI) and IDEC. He runs the online magazine "Business, Coaching and Communication".

Gerard Molero

Director of Economics and Marketing Cosultants Openmind. Economist. Master in Commercial Directorate i Marketing Business School. ESERP professor and senior management consultant.

Eduard Benito

Director of Advertising and audiovisual creation. Economist. Master in Marketing from ESADE. Specialist audiovisual creativity.



Jorge Rodriguez

Bachelor of Information Systems, specializing in Web Design projects (traditional and ... CMS) and Online Marketing: SEO, SEM, Analytics, Social Networking, Cloud Computing and Digital Reputation. Is a Partner and leads Dxmedia.net Openmind Technology.


Gloria Carrizosa

Address communication to Spain. Journalist specializing in media communications, corporate and institutional relationships.

Tanius Karam

Head of the delegation of Mexico City. Bachelor of Communication Sciences and PhD in Semiotics from the University Complutense of Madrid, is research professor at the Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM) He specializes in semiotics applied to business strategies.