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Counseling and Privacy Online whit Datability

The goal is to come forward to help the loopholes that exist and new changing realities in this field so that you have peace of mind and security. Resolve your doubts and we propose measures and actions needed to ensure that online legality is another step in the consolidation of its business.

  • Advising on domain names
  • Intellectual property in New Technologies
  • Internet security and cryptography
  • digital Signatures
  • Right to privacy online
  • Data protection and personal business
  • Right of rectification and cancellation
  • Resolution ciberquatting
  • Obligation and Rights collaborating service providers
  • Caching
  • hostings
  • electronic contracts


Networks are essential in the daily running of businesses. Therefore, combining functionality with security is one of the needs to answer before implementing a corporate network. The network must be functional to be a useful tool in the activity of the company and also be sure to detect intrusion by strangers and to avoid data loss.


All companies need to work with databases, either because it is part of the business, whether it forms part of the management of the company (customers, suppliers, partners and others whose data should be available in the most easy and effective) . And today, even more, to ensure that the Cloud Computing meets the needs of each company.

Our practice of years in treatment of databases in different formats and platforms enables us to offer our experience to our customers.


New technologies act as facilitators when the company is committed to sharing knowledge with your team. And let you enter the connection across multiple servers: PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones, internet ... In short, we structure the organization of processes from technological innovation and facilitate the creation and transmission of knowledge of each organization with which we operate. T. 609 197 892